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Case study - 2142

Case Study

With the rise of digital forms of entertainment, one wouldn’t be at fault for thinking that more “old school” mediums such as comic books would be in danger of becoming a thing of the past. However, that has proven to not be the case, and comic books have retained their relevancy and fandom.

But, the fact that comic books are still going strong doesn’t mean that they cannot or should not evolve. That is precisely what 2142 aims to achieve.

2142 is the world’s first community-driven NFT comic book. In a sense, it’s the perfect marriage of old and new. The vast legacy of comic books meets the brand-new technology of NFTs to produce something unique – a platform that gives the readers more power and agency than ever before.

2142 gives us a cyberpunk vision of the future where the Metaverse is the opium of the masses, and AI fights AI for the decentralized liberation of all conscious entities. Not only can the readers become engrossed in this story, but they can also decide what direction it will take. By voting, collecting, and minting, the readers can actively impact the narrative, and they also have the potential to turn their collection into a source of profit.

As a world’s first, 2142 was always going to be in need of strong PR. It’s never easy to break new ground, but that only makes it all the more important to spread the word. That is why the team behind 2142 turned to BizzLead.

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Gaining Organic PR Coverage for a Nascent Franchise

Initially, 2142 will be an NFT comic book. However, the plans do not end there – a video game is already in the works, and a tabletop RPG is also being planned. 2142 will be a true transmedia franchise, and a global one at that. This means that massive PR coverage will be needed for the project to reach its full potential. This includes various news outlasts, specialized publications, blogs, etc. Reaching out to all the relevant journalists, editors, and decision-makers was always going to be a massive undertaking, but it was something that BizzLead had both the experience and resources to pull off.

Due to the nature of the crypto industry, this campaign was ideal for a dual-touch approach: both LinkedIn and Twitter were fertile grounds, but that posed even greater challenges for everyone involved.

But, thanks to the combined efforts of 2142 and BizzLead, a solution was created.


Acquiring and Nurturing Leads at Major US Companies

A massive campaign focused on LinkedIn and Twitter (with the ever-present email, of course) was created to fulfill the needs of this project. As usual, BizzLead’s research team did colossal work in the background, sifting through huge amounts of hard-to-find data in order to compile lists of journalists and publications that might be interested in running stories on 2142.

This was followed by a dual outreach campaign, where the prospects were told about everything 2142 was trying to achieve. The main objective was to spread the word about the project and highlight how newsworthy it was, since the end goal was to gain organic PR coverage and have as many articles as possible published in various outlets.

And that is precisely what was achieved.



From day one, the campaign got off to a hot start. Thanks to precise targeting and hand-crafted messages, 2142 was featured in several notable crypto publications (such as Cointelegraph). The campaign continued picking up steam from there, leading to further benefits.

Dušan Žica, the CEO & CCO of 2142, had the following to say about his experience with BizzLead:

Dusan Zica - 2142

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