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Client: Authomize

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Case Study

After receiving funding in excess of $22 million, Authomize wanted to grow its network of enterprise clients in the US.

BizzLead engineered a dual-approach campaign, leveraging Linkedin and email, to help them attract major potential clients looking to enhance their IAM profiles. This resulted in appointments with companies such as: PayPal, Fiverr....

Email open rate 32.18%

Linkedin reply rate 9.41%

Biggest potential client attracted 334.800 of employees


Getting on the calendar of decision-makers in enterprise-level companies

Authomize is the first Identity and Security Management platform that automatically manages and secures identities, access, and privileges across hybrid environments. After securing funding surpassing $20 million, the company wanted to aggressively expand its presence and network of clients in the US.

This presented the difficult challenge of reaching decision makers in some of the world`s biggest companies. Authomize was looking to make direct contact with CISOs and IAM leaders in companies with at least 1000 employees, meaning a custom campaign and targeting approach were required.

As Adi Chemoul Head of Marketing put it, “We needed a direct line of communication with security leaders of major companies. After getting a stellar recommendation from a former business partner, we turned to BizzLead” .


Acquiring and Nurturing Leads at Major US Companies

Due to the highly technical nature of Authomize`s product, the campaign started with a collaborative effort. Authomize and BizzLead got together to craft highly specialized and custom messaging, with variants to appeal to different industries (Software, Financial, Healthcare, etc.).

Authomize already had a significant Linkedin presence, but that did not fit the campaign`s highly specific requirements.
For that reason, BizzLead worked with Authomize to align their Linkedin presence with the goals of this campaign. The two teams also worked together to refine the ideal customer profile, ensuring that the outbound marketing efforts would reach and nurture the perfect leads.

The resulting campaign comprising of Linkedin and email outreach programs created a steady pipeline of new leads. These potential customers were further nurtured with numerous customized follow-ups to ensure maximum conversion rates.

Chemoul says, “BizzLead has provided a highly targeted and customized campaign. They were always eager to adept the campaign to our current needs, and the ever open communication channels they`ve established have allowed us to constantly stay up to speed and on top of all incoming leads.

Another benefit of working with BizzLead is cost control. A single monthly fee (with no surcharges) has allowed Authomize to gain access to and make use of an entire Lead Generation and Business Development team while keeping the cost under tight control.


Appointments with security leaders from America`s leading organizations

The campaign has allowed Authomize to get their foot in the door of major organizations in North America. These includes Fortune 500 companies, universities, etc.

In addition, the expansive network of prospects that BizzLead has created will also ensure that Authomize will have a head start in any subsequent marketing campaigns they choose to undertake.

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