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Case Study

Launched during the pandemic, Guidde delivers instant step-by-step videos anyone can create. Guidde’s platform empowers fast-moving organizations to capture, organize, and share video know-how at the point of need - embedded inside applications, accessible via a dedicated web app, or available directly from any browser.

Considering these pain points have only been exasperated in the new normal, the time was right for a strong marketing push. This meant Guidde needed a partner to help them grow their network of US clients.

BizzLead came aboard and crafted a bespoke, multi-channel campaign targeted at several industry verticals and ideal client personas. By utilizing the outreach potential of LinkedIn and email, combined with the work of our dedicated research team, we were able to identify and get in direct contact with a multitude of people who fit the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

The results were meetings with the likes of Sabre Corporation, Zillow, AMPOL American Pollution Control, and many more.


Breaking through the barrier imposed by market conditions

The summer of 2022 was a complicated moment for business, with a recession looming on the horizon. This meant companies were reluctant to look into new products, with many choosing to instead cut costs wherever possible.

This created an additional challenge for this campaign, but it was a challenge BizzLead was more than up to.

The increased scrutiny that would follow all outreach efforts meant that the targeting and messaging needed to be absolutely spot on. This required extensive collaboration between BizzLead’s and Guidde’s teams during the pre-launch of the campaign, something which both sides handled with aplomb.

In the words of Moran Altarac, Guidde’s Director of Marketing:


Acquiring and Nurturing Leads at Major US Companies

While we are very happy with the work we have done for Guidde, we have no qualms about saying that it would not have been possible without their input. The campaign was, in every sense of the word, a true collaborative effort.

BizzLead put the full weight of our resources behind the prospecting efforts. Massive data lists were generated, revised, filtered, and approved. Then, BizzLead’s copy team worked to draft a messaging sequence that would need to be customizable so as to fit the different personas we were targeting (Customer Success, Solution Engineering, etc.).

Throughout all this, Guidde’s people were there to provide invaluable contributions. Once everything was in place, the campaign itself was ready to launch.


The desired result of the campaign was always very clearget appointments on Guidde’s calendar to help them spread the word of their amazing product. And that is precisely what was delivered – at the peak of the campaign, multiple calls were booked and held daily.

This was achieved thanks to our methodical approach which put a heavy emphasis on custom responses and nurturing prospects. The market conditions were tough, but that just meant each lead warranted extra attention – something BizzLead was both able and happy to provide.

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