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After receiving funding in excess of $22 million, Authomize wanted to grow its network of enterprise clients in the US.

BizzLead engineered a dual-approach campaign, leveraging Linkedin and email, to help them attract major potential clients looking to enhance their IAM profiles. This resulted in appointments with companies such as: PayPal, Fiverr....

Email open rate 32.18%

Linkedin reply rate 9.41%

Biggest potential client attracted 334.800 of employees


Getting on the calendar of decision-makers in enterprise-level companies

Authomize is the first Identity and Security Management platform that automatically manages and secures identities, access, and privileges across hybrid environments. After securing funding surpassing $20 million, the company wanted to aggressively expand its presence and network of clients in the US.

This presented the difficult challenge of reaching decision makers in some of the world`s biggest companies. Authomize was looking to make direct contact with CISOs and IAM leaders in companies with at least 1000 employees, meaning a custom campaign and targeting approach were required.

As Adi Chemoul Head of Marketing put it, “We needed a direct line of communication with security leaders of major companies. After getting a stellar recommendation from a former business partner, we turned to BizzLead” .

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